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Sault Ste. Marie Budget Moving Deals You Didn’t Know About

8 June 2016,

Whether you are moving back to the Soo or relocating as a newcomer, Sault Ste. Marie offers many unique advantages of a big city amidst a backdrop of natural wilderness.  It is also an ideal place to raise a family, having been voted as 1 of only 6 Canadian communities as an international safe community by no less than the World Health Organization.

With around 85,000 residents, the city of Sault Ste. Marie is near the United States border, with Michigan on the other side. This gives residents quick and easy access to US cities, particularly Detroit.


Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario: Newcomers’ Delight

The Soo, as it is fondly called, is home to large industries such as Algoma Steel.  As a cross-border city, it is pretty unusual, with laws and different holidays from both the Canadian and the American side.  It is not uncommon for residents to mix and mingle with friends and family from each side of the border.

There is, of course, also Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, just across the border where a smaller population lives.


Better Choices for Movers with Free Moving Quotes

Moving to Sault Ste. Marie? Before deciding on your moving company, make sure you find budget moving deals for your move.

Most people busy with preparing for relocation try to save time by hiring a mover referred by a friend or calling a mover from kijiji. While doing so is easy, it deprives you of better moving services and best value for your money.

Your choice of moving company is critical to your move. Just imagine that the movers will be in charge of your lifelong possessions. What’s the worst that can happen?


How to Get Better Moving Deals for Relocation

There are hundreds of moving companies providing relocation to Sault Ste. Marie. How do you find the right one for you? This is why it is very important to compare moving companies and their moving rates.

Compare multiple online moving quotes from various movers by checking on their offers – size of moving truck, number of movers, moving supplies, moving insurance, and hourly or flat rates. Further, ask the moving company about extra charges such as minimum hours, travel time, fuel, stairs/elevator charge, etc.


You’ll be surprised that movers don’t have the same prices. By comparing 5 free moving quotes, you have the power to choose the most advantageous deals.


Moving to the Soo from Canada or the USA

As mentioned earlier, the Soo is a cross-border town. People move here from other parts of Canada and the US every day.

If you are moving from Ontario cities like Barrie, Hamilton, Oshawa, Toronto, or farther such as Montreal or Calgary, you’ll need an experienced long distance mover.

Long distance movers provide essential moving services including professional packing, transport, and short or long term storage.  They have the resources and network to ensure expedited delivery, troubleshoot problems, and carry out moves over long distances from anywhere in Canada.  Many of them have multiple locations across the country.


Full-Service Movers Are One-Stop Shops for Moving

Full-service movers are moving companies that provide a complete line of moving services that ordinary movers don’t have. Aside from the usual load and deliver services, they also handle specialized moving services such as piano moving, auto relocation, and fine arts moving.

To know which moving company is best for you, it is important to make a detailed inventory of your household items for relocation. If you are relocating a piano, it’s best to hire a long distance mover with piano moving services.


Cross-border movers specialize in Canada-US moves

If you are moving back from the US, you’ll need a cross-border moving company.  These movers are highly knowledgeable about customs requirements and have the proper license from the US Department of Transportation to carry out cross-border moves. They also have the right level of insurance for the protection of your goods.

Hiring full-service moving companies in Canada offers distinct advantages for residential and commercial relocation across the country.  You may check out the 10 biggest moving companies in Canada and the US for long distance moving to the Soo.


3 Essential Things to Look for in your Moving Quote

So you’ve obtained free moving quotes to compare. You now need to know what to look for to ensure you are considering the right things in choosing a mover. No, it’s not just the price. It can be very misleading to look only at the bottom line.


# 1 – Level of Moving Insurance Coverage Included

What kind of moving insurance is provided in the quote? If all your potential movers offer basic insurance ($0.60 per pound), then you are making apples to apples comparison. But what if one moving company has a slightly higher rate but includes comprehensive moving insurance or full replacement value? Then that may be something truly worth considering. It is definitely to your advantage to have full-replacement value insurance for your household goods.

What to do in such a case? Ask the other movers how much difference it will make to your moving quote if you obtain optional full-replacement value insurance and then compare the prices. Learn more about the benefits of moving insurance and whether you need it.


# 2 – Moving Services Included in the Quote

If moving long distance to Sault Ste. Marie, movers will generally provide you with a flat rate which includes moving truck, movers. When comparing quotes, look for services included such as packing, moving boxes, insurance, disassembly/assembly or storage.

Some quotes may be for moving truck and movers only while other quotes may include freebies and other value-laden services.


# 3 – Potential Add-on Charges

Movers know that most consumers look at the bottom-line, meaning the price. What you may not know are the add-on charges such as fuel, travel time, accessorial charges (narrow street, stairs, heavy lifting, elevator) that may be added. Before choosing a mover, make sure to ask questions. Is the quote final or are there add-on charges?


Reputable Moving Companies don’t have Hidden Charges

Reputable movers are proud to say they don’t have hidden charges. A good moving company is transparent about moving charges and will disclose any and all charges connected to your move.

For this reason, reputable movers insist on providing customers with a written quote, subject to confirmation with an in-home assessment. Because long distance moves are calculated based on weight and distance, good movers will insist on seeing your inventory and issue a written and binding quote prior to your move.

In case of binding quotes, the final bill should not be more than 10% of the original estimate. The added charge usually happens when the weight is more than the estimate on moving day.


Every mover has its own pricing system. Some charge for stairs, others don’t. Some charge for fuel while others already include that in their price. A good rule of thumb is to analyze any mover’s quote carefully and to ask questions.

Bottom line: It’s a good idea to choose a moving company that issues a written and binding moving quote so you know exactly how much your move will cost you.


So why are you moving DIY to Sault Ste. Marie?

We get it – you want to save money from moving expenses. We also understand you’ve heard a lot of bad press about movers that pull a fast one on their customers.

If these are the 2 reasons you want to punish yourself by doing all the hard work, then here’s some good news.

You can still go DIY with your move, save money, but not do all the hard work.  You can also make sure you don’t deal with a dishonest mover.


DIY Moving in 2017: Lower Cost without the Pain

This isn’t an empty promise. DIY Moving from 2017 onwards empowers customers who want a self-move that costs much less without all the pain that goes with it.

  • ✓ No heavy lifting
  • ✓ No long driving
  • ✓ GPS Tracking of your shipment
  • ✓ Zero Stress

Isn’t this what moving in the new century should be like? Why tire and possibly injure yourself carrying moving boxes, your heavy bed and couch to the truck?

DIY moving has really expanded over the last few years to provide people with more options to just renting a truck from Budget or U-Haul.

You can simply get the same deal from moving companies for:

  • ✓ Moving truck
  • ✓ Moving truck with movers
  • ✓ Consolidated Moving
  • ✓ Moving containers

These options all share one thing in common – they cost much less than a regular moving service. And unlike renting a U-Haul truck, the service takes long driving out of the picture.

So basically, you still do some of the work, particularly packing. You can also choose to do your loading or let movers help.

By the way, if you are moving to be nearer your place or work, for a new job, to start a business, or for full-time post-secondary education, you may be qualified for tax deduction of moving expenses.


Don’t Take On All the Work for a Few Bucks

But in the end, you don’t need to take on all the hard work and all the risks. You can still save money with more modern DIY moving options.

And to ensure you deal only with a trustworthy and transparent mover, check the moving company’s reputation with the Better Business Bureau. You can also get free moving quotes to connect with only licensed and reputable movers from our network.


Find Great Moving Deals from Local and Long Distance Movers

In terms of moving rates, the best time to move is during non-peak season which is the fall and winter. That’s because movers usually offer bargain prices during non-peak season.

Unfortunately, not everyone can be flexible with their moving date. If you are moving to start a business or for a new job, you move when you need to.

Most families move during the summer or before the start of the school year. Spring and summer moving rates tend to be higher, especially on holidays.

But don’t despair because you can still find great moving deals from local and long distance movers.


Moving Locally with Moving truck and 2 movers

Local moves are cheaper than long distance moves. Moving companies offer low hourly moving rates for moving truck and 2 movers. You can also add an extra mover and pay around $30 per hour/per mover.


Consolidated Moving and Moving Containers

For long distance moving, you can save a lot of money with moving companies offering consolidated moving and moving containers.

You can easily save up to $1,000 from these 2 moving options. They are ideal for individuals with a smaller load or those who can afford to wait a little longer for the delivery of their household goods.

Consolidated moving means sharing a truck with other customers moving to the same destination so a moving truck will be making more stops than usual. However, you get to share travel costs with someone else to slash your final moving cost.

A moving container is perfect for those who can pack and load and just need door to door transport.


Lock-in Your Moving date and Moving Rate with Free Movers Quotes

Whether you prefer a cheap move or a high-quality moving service, you need to book your mover ahead of time.

It’s important to book your moving company early. Last-minute decisions can have costly consequences.

You can start looking for the best mover to Sault Ste. Marie by filling-out our short online form. In just 2 minutes, you are ready to receive competitive moving rates from the best movers near you.

These moving quotes are free and no obligation.  We want to help you save time and money and of course, to find the right mover for your move.

Tell us about your move today and we will make sure you hear from professional movers qualified to relocate you to the Soo.

By obtaining your free moving quotes today, you can lock-in your moving date and moving rates from qualified movers.

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