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Get 5 FREE Moving Quotes!
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Taking the Stress Out of Moving : How 5 Movers Quotes Can Help Make the Most of Your Moving Experience
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Moving can be stress-free when you find movers with 5 free moving quotes

Moving can be stress-free when you find movers with 5 free moving quotes

Moving can be a very exciting and liberating experience, and can be the beginning of a new adventure and chapter in your life. But it can also be an extremely stressful and expensive experience. Studies have shown that the average person in Canada and the USA can expect to move about 12 times in their lifetime. For some, that number is much larger.

There are various factors that contribute to the stress of moving. Many moves involve new jobs or even new careers for one or more members of the household. Even children are not exempt from the stress of a move because for families with children, a move can involve changing schools and making new friends as well. The process of packing alone can be extremely taxing, and not just because of valuables that are irreplaceable. As you are packing, you will also need to account for the numerous mundane household products that you use every day but might inadvertently get packed away in a box and become difficult to find.

Any move is a struggle. It only makes sense to do everything possible to reduce the variables that contribute to your stress level. Being well-informed and aware of all of the options available to you is the best thing you can do to help reduce anxiety in this stressful time.

As if these factors weren’t stressful enough, moving can be an extremely expensive endeavor as well. A move could cost between $3000 to as much as $12,000 (and even more depending on the size of the household). Considering the significant financial investment that moving requires, it is only natural to feel substantial stress about money while in the process of moving.


Whether you are moving locally, across the country or internationally, we can help you find the best mover for your situation.  You will always have the peace of mind of knowing that you have made an informed decision, taking all of the relevant factors into consideration.

Using 5 Movers Quotes takes all of the guess work out of finding the right mover. When you use us for your next move, companies will have to compete for your business, which puts you in control. No more “rolling the dice” and wondering if you have chosen the right mover from the multitude available. Your choices will be made clear and the guess work will be gone, along with your stress.

How does 5moversquotes work?

Simply enter your information on our online submission form. You should receive a call from 5 different moving companies within 24 hours. Of course, prices and quality will vary from business to business, but when the movers know that they are competing with other companies for your business, you will get the best prices available.

Why you need to get multiple moving quotes before Choosing a Mover

Since moving is a stressful, and oftentimes a hectic period, many people tend to pounce on the first available movers they find. While the moving rates may be good enough, it is possible to find even better moving services at better prices if you take the time to compare multiple quotes.


What are the advantages in comparing multiple moving quotes?

  1. You can check the average moving price in your area.
    Many movers have similar prices. If a moving company offers a lower than the average price, it is important to find out why.  Is it a marketing strategy by a new moving company? Is the price lower because the service is not the same quality?Getting multiple quotes will allow you to know the average price in your location.
  2. You will have a basis for comparing moving companies.
    Price is an important determining factor in choosing a moving company.  When you have multiple quotes, you also get to compare level of experience, customer service, and extras or freebies.
  3. You can plan your moving budget appropriately.
    Comparing multiple quotes will allow you to see if the budget for your move is realistic or not.  When you see average moving rates from movers in your area, you will know the fair and accurate amount you need to pay.  This will also help you to avoid being over-charged by a mover.
  4. You avoid moving scams.
    The moving industry, like any other industry, has legitimate members that comply with regulations and ethical practices. Unfortunately, it also has disreputable players that take advantage of unsuspecting customers.  It is thus important to be aware so you can stay away from the “bad eggs”.

When you obtain 5 free moving quotes, you can avoid dealing with disreputable companies that lure customers with extremely low rates then hold their belongings captive in order to charge more.  There have been many instances when people were duped with hidden charges and charged exorbitant rates.

By comparing multiple moving quotes, you can see suspicious offers and not fall prey to unethical movers.



According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), complaints against movers have been on the rise in the last few years.  Movers are ranked as the fifth most complained about industry in Canada. Moving scams are found everywhere and becoming more and more common place.

Regulating the moving industry in Canada is a provincial responsibility although moves that cross provincial borders need to comply with additional requirements.  There are 6 provinces that have traffic legislation covering moving trucks carrying household goods, except for Labrador, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island.

Many provinces are already tightening on monitoring moving companies due to rising consumer complaints.  Many of the Canadian provinces also have consumer protection laws as well as the federal government.

You should be careful about hiring local movers from the internet.  Some of them may have nice-looking websites but may not be insured or bonded, or even have a moving truck. Some have been known to rent a truck a few hours before they arrive at the residence to perform the move.

They may also advertise things like “no hidden charges”, but then charge extra for stairs or elevators after the fact, effectively holding the customer’s belongings hostage. Unscrupulous companies of this sort will sometimes ask for large cash deposits up front, and then walk away with that money after delivering damaged property. In a case like this, of course, a favorable insurance claim is tremendously improbable. Your homeowner’s insurance is unlikely to pay a claim if you have used a duplicitous company and, of course, the sham moving company is more than likely without any insurance coverage at all. This sort of scam is far more common than you might imagine.

This breed of dishonest companies may even operate and advertise under multiple business names.They may use more than a few phone numbers in order to conceal their deceptive activities from both the consumer and the authorities.

Majority of professional moving companies are accredited with professional organizations such as the Canadian Association of Movers and the International Association of Movers.  They are also registered with the Better Business Bureau.

While it is not a legal requirement to join a professional organization or the Better Business Bureau, membership with these reputable organizations indicates compliance with license and insurance requirements and ethical industry practices.

When looking for a good moving company for your relocation, you can check if the moving company is accredited with the Better Business Bureau or a member of a professional moving association.

We can give you peace of mind because our moving partners are all licensed and fully insured to deliver residential and commercial moving services.



Reliable movers provide a wide array of services designed to make moving smooth and easy

Reliable movers provide a wide array of services designed to make moving smooth and easy

Doing research on your own can take valuable time away from your life that can be used for doing other important things. Consider briefly the factors involved in trying to select the right moving company for your needs.  You could spend hours on the phone speaking to multiple representatives from different companies, many of whom may not even be qualified or prepared to adequately answer your questions. You will also have numerous other factors to consider.

Finding a mover increases your risk level significantly if you do it on your own. Movers are in the business of sales, just like any other company. When you call a moving companyto get a quote, it is always in their best interests to get a commitment as quickly as possible. Depending on the ethical practices of the company you call, they may be willing to make unrealistic promises to get you to make a commitment immediately.

We are not a moving company; our job is to provide you with viable options for your moving requirements. Our customers are very important to us, so we only use movers from our trusted network of licensed, bonded and insured companies. This gives you the assurance that the company that you choose (remember, you choose the best of 5, so you are in control) will be an accredited and trusted partner of 5 Movers Quotes.

Because we are a great source of business for them, our partners have a vested interest in providing you with the highest quality service. This sort of mutual relationship is beneficial to everyone involved. Good service leads to referrals, and referrals are unquestionably the most valuable form of advertising for any business. Referrals almost always come from a trusted source (family, friends and colleagues), and are therefore treated with higher regard, even if only subconsciously, and get far better results than almost any paid form of advertising. Ask anybody you know; they will invariably say that they would trust a referral over other forms of advertising in almost every case.

We rely on repeat and referral business as well, so we hold our network of trusted movers to a very high standard of operation, business ethics, and quality customer service. We want you to receive the finest moving services available so that you will tell your friends about 5 Movers Quotes. When companies and consumers work together in this way, accountability is at its highest level, and everybody wins.



Consider important factors like distance and insurance before committing to any moving company

Consider important factors like distance and insurance before committing to any moving company

Before making a commitment to any moving company, it is sensible to consider the following:

  1. How much personal property are you moving? It is a very good idea to do a thorough inventory when planning a move. You may find several rooms worth of items that have out-grown their usefulness to you and can be sold or disposed of before the move. The bottom line is this: If you don’t need it, don’t move it. Following this guideline can save you some significant cash.
  2. How much are your valuables worth? Most people will have a tendency to over-value their own property. Your own things, however, are worth more to you than they are to anyone else. Try to assess the value of your property as accurately as possible. This will ensure that you do not spend more than is essential on insurance, but still have the coverage necessary.
  3. How much insurance will you need? Sometimes your homeowner’s insurance will cover your items in the moving process. If not, the licensed and bonded mover that you find through 5 Mover Quotes will have insurance available, usually about $.30-$.60 per pound. Having accurately assessed the correct value of most of your property, you may or may not desire to increase the level of coverage.
  4. Should you pack yourself, or let the movers pack for you? Generally speaking, items that you pack yourself will not be covered by the moving company’s insurance. Consider this carefully before packing your most valuable items. If you plan to do most of the packing yourself, you may wish to let the moving company pack your most treasured or expensive items.
  5. How far is your move? Moving inside of the same city or province will cost significantly less than a longer distance move. Keep this in mind as you prepare your finances, especially if your relocation is 100km or more.
  6. What are the implications of moving across province, state or international lines? The logistics involved in long distance and international moves can be extremely complex. Be sure to discuss the implications with your chosen mover so that you aren’t surprised by duties, fees or taxes incurred.
  7. Do you have any prohibitively large and/or valuable objects? It is very important to plan ahead for pianos and other specialty items. You should always get a quote from every company, but it is sometimes beneficial to use a specialty moving company for such items, as they have equipment and insurance specifically designed to ensure the safe delivery of your most cherished and valuable possessions.
  8. How much work and time will it take? Depending on your move, you may be paying buy the distance and weight of your move, or by the hour. Packing your own items can save you a lot of money, especially with an hourly move. Always remember, however, that any items that you have packed yourself will not be covered by your mover’s insurance. Make sure that you are making the most pragmatic choices for the long-term.
  9. What is your moving time frame? As with most things in life, planning ahead can significantly reduce the cost of moving. In most cases, you can get reduced rates by booking early because movers would rather know that they have something booked and ready for the future rather than risk having empty time slots.

When using 5MoversQuotes as your central moving resource, be prepared with all of this important information at the very beginning of the process. That way when the moving companies provide you with your quotes, they will be tailor fitted to your specific needs. You can rest assured that each of these companies will be equipped for your particular type of move and will already have the important information necessary to provide you with an exceptional moving experience.

Get 5 Movers Quotes!
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  • Fill out the form below and up to 5 movers from your city will contact you with a free moving quote...

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de déménageurs du Québec

  • Fill out the form below and up to 5 movers from your city will contact you with a free moving quote...

  • Departure Address

  • Destination Address

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY


How to compare your moving quotes to choose the best movers for your needs 

Move into your new home with a fool-proof plan on how to choose the most suitable moving company

Move into your new home with a fool-proof plan on how to choose the most suitable moving company

If your residential move is fast approaching and you are in dire need of a moving company, you need to shop for high quality moving services in the same way you would look for a product.

It is critical to look for a local mover or an interstate moving company that provides moving services that fit your moving budget or at least competitive prices that would meet your expectations.

You can use this foolproof plan for choosing the most suitable moving company.

  1. You can start comparing moving estimates after you have received written moving quotes from 5 moving companies from our network. Don’t be tempted to use over-the-phone estimates but ask movers to visit your home to make an actual assessment and provide you with a written estimate.
  2. Check with the moving company if the estimate is binding or non-binding. You should consider choosing a binding estimate, even if a bit higher, as this is a guarantee that the stated amount will be what you need to pay at the end of your move.  In Canada, some binding estimates can be “not-to-exceed”  This means your total moving charge will not exceed the stated amount and could be lower if the move takes less time or the weight of your cargo is less than expected.
  3. An important measure in reviewing different moving quotes is to carefully analyze costs that are too low compared to average rates. Be suspicious of offers that seem too good to be true.
  4. After receiving your 5 free moving quotes, don’t hesitate to ask relevant questions from the moving company or clarify items that are unclear.
  5. The price of the moving service alone won’t tell you the whole story. Lower price does not always mean better.  You also need to analyze and pay attention to the moving services included in the price.

As an example, you may receive a moving quote for a truck with 3 movers at $115 an hour for a local move. Another mover may quote $120 per hour for a truck with 3 movers.  Another company might quote $130 per hour for a truck also with 3 movers.  Why do they have different prices?

First of all, check on the size of the truck as a smaller truck could mean multiple trips that could jack up the time it takes to complete the move.  You should also check on moving reviews from independent sources and the BBB as movers with an outstanding customer service may charge a little higher for higher quality service.

Whether you want to get the cheapest moving deal or high quality moving service at the best price, this checklist can really help you to evaluate your moving quotes wisely.

Sometimes, it pays to consider a higher price for a premium service as it could spell a huge difference in your overall moving experience.


Recommended Practices for Choosing a Mover

Back check your moving company by asking the right questions

Back check your moving company by asking the right questions

There are some basic principles you need to remember when hiring a moving company.  Is it alright to let strangers into your home and handle your belongings?

The very first step in ensuring a pleasant and successful move is to choose a trustworthy moving company.  This will save you a lot of stress, time, and money.  The best approach is to obtain multiple moving quotes, make a proper comparison using the steps we have outlined in the above section, and to back check your chosen moving company to verify that they are who they claim to be.

You will also need to ask pertinent questions regarding the company’s cover for liability, workers’ compensation, and appropriate licenses.

A multi-stakeholder group formed by government, business, and consumer group representatives, under the auspices of the Office of Consumer Affairs Industry Canada, prepared a “Consumer Checklist for Choosing a Moving Company” to be a guide for consumers when choosing a moving company.  This guide provides a detailed list of what you should ask from your movers.

Following these very important steps when planning your move with a professional moving company will help to ensure that you get an efficient, fairly priced, and high quality moving service.



Imagine the guess work that has been taken out of the process for you. Trying to find the right mover on your own is like finding a new location without a map. It only makes sense to depend on a third party like us, with a proven track record of creating an exceptional customer experience. We can only be successful if you, the consumer, are exceedingly happy with your experience.

We have over 200 professional moving companies in our network that have the experience in delivering reliable local, long distance, and international moving services.  With their expertise, they have designed moving services that respond to individual moving needs and types of budget.

Every moving company is different, and each will have their own specialties, strengths and weaknesses. This is why 5Movers Quotes is such a valuable resource when planning your move. We make it easy for you to have several options at your fingertips, and to not feel pressured into selecting a moving company out of fear or last-minute necessity.

Whether you are making a small move, a residential move, a commercial move, or a student or seniormove, we have relocation specialists that would be happy to help.

You will have five different moving companies to choose from.Choice means freedom, and freedom is the ultimate stress reliever.

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