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Moving House Or Business To Ajax ,Ontario – Cost-Saving Relocation Tips

13 juin 2016,

Ways to Move to Ajax with Cheaper but Quality Movers

Carruthers Creek, Ajax – The town has serene natural environment with urban amenities

Ajax, located in the Durham Region of Southern Ontario, may be a small town of 110,000 residents. However, it has highly urban areas with modern amenities.

It is bordered by Pickering in the north and Whitby in the east.  As part of the Golden Horseshoe Region and the Greater Toronto Area, it is a popular moving destination for individuals working in the GTA.

Ajax has an undisturbed waterfront of almost 7 kilometers and natural parkland.  Due to more affordable housing and reliable public transportation, it attracts many newcomers looking for higher quality of life.


Moving rates are 30% Lower During Off-Peak Months

If you are seriously planning your relocation or still figuring out whether it’s good to move to Ajax, you will be primarily concerned with the cost of moving.

As early as months from your potential moving date, it’s best to start shopping for a moving company in order to know your potential relocation cost.

Instead of wasting time calling movers on the phone, you can obtain free moving estimates using our short online form. One request form connects you to 5 different movers for your move.

Moving rates vary depending on the timing of your move. Costs are higher during spring and summer months while moving rates are as much as 30% lower during off-season.


Hire Professional Movers or Move Yourself?  How to Move to Ajax

AJAX Go Terminal – Reliable and fast transport around the city

The choice of hiring a professional mover or doing a self-move is a question that perplexes people who relocate. The answer really depends on individual factors such as time, budget, complexity of the move, destination, and ability of an individual to do the work required.

To make the best decision, it is important that you weigh all your options and take a close look at your moving situation.

It is also important to consider what is most important to you – savings or convenience. In fact, you can have both savings and convenience if you choose an Ajax moving company wisely.

If you are unsure about a moving company, take the time to verify a mover with the Better Business Bureau. You can also check if your moving company is on the watch list from Ontario’s Consumer Beware List.


Self-Moving in 2017: More Modern DIY moving solutions

Moving services have certainly come a long way in the last 10 years. You can forget about renting your truck and doing all the hard work with modern DIY moving solutions in 2017.

Whether you have only a couch and a dozen boxes or you are moving a 2-bedroom home, you can move more comfortably and safely with cheaper DIY moving services from professional movers.


If your goal is to save money from moving but not too excited at doing heavy lifting, check out great DIY options below.


Container Moving Services – Self-Moving without Pain

Many large and smaller moving companies offer container moving services to serve DIY movers.  Unlike hiring a truck, your portable container is delivered to your doorstep.  You do your own packing and loading. When you are all set to have your goods delivered, your moving company will pick-up your container and deliver door to door.

No long driving and no high moving costs. You can also choose from different sizes of portable containers based on your inventory. You can also get 2 or more containers as needed.

If you can do your own packing, loading and unloading, and you are not in a rush to get your cargo, moving container services can be your most economical option.

You’ll need to unload your cargo from your container upon delivery within a predetermined time. You can ask for more time but you may have extra charges.


Moving with Moving Truck and Movers

Professional moving companies provide a very basic moving service for moving truck with movers. You can do all your packing, ask for help with partial or full packing, or just require loading/unloading and delivery.

Movers calculate costs of a long distance move on the distance of travel and the weight of your cargo. They also factor in the extra services you need from your movers.

By taking on some of the work and just delegating what you can’t do to movers, you can slash the cost of your move.

For local moves at hourly rates, loading/unloading and delivery from Point a to B can be completed in as little as 3-5 hours, depending on the size of your move. Many movers have a minimum time (2 or 3 hours) and add 1 hour to your bill for travel time.


What’s the real cost of a Self-Move?

We want to give you an idea of how much it costs to move with U-Haul so you can better compare with professional moving costs.

The size of the truck matters because the price changes with size.  A 10” truck is good for a small apartment, 17” is good for 2-3 bedrooms, while a 26” is good for up to 4 bedrooms.

The cost provides for rental of truck from Point A to Point B and considers if it is one-way or return.  One-way trips can be twice the cost.


Other Costs to be Factored In

That’s only for truck rental and you will need to add cost of fuel and mileage.  Further, be very sure about the time you can keep the truck. During peak time, the price of your rental could double after 8 hours (it’s been known to happen).

Consider your need for moving insurance if you have valuables with your cargo. Will your flat TV be covered by your homeowner’s insurance during transit? Learn more about moving insurance, whether you move DIY or with movers.

If you are making quite a long trip and you may need to make stop-overs, factor in the cost of food and accommodations, too.


Compare DIY Moving Costs with Professional Moving Quotes

Once you have arrived at a reasonable costing for a U-Haul move, compare the figure with your free moving quotes.

You can already make a decision right here. If your move is time-sensitive, you should also consider the time it takes for you to do the move or to hire movers to pack, load, and ship your goods or to just load and ship.

You can get the lowest professional moving quotes with our quick online form to compare costs.

No matter what method you choose for your relocation, keep all your receipts and claim moving expenses from your tax return.


Keeping out the Hidden Costs from your Move

Professional movers are required to be transparent with their moving charges.  They are expected to provide you with a detailed moving quote explaining the final price.

One of the most common complaints of people who hire a moving company are hidden charges.  This occurs when a mover’s estimate doubles the original quote because additional services that had not been anticipated are charged.

Moving quotes are based on information you provide. After an in-home assessment, moving companies see other things that affect the execution of your move such as an elevator (waiting time, loading and unloading on the elevator), flight of stairs (complexity of hauling furniture up and down), parking space for the moving truck, narrow street (if the truck size you need can enter), etc.


Your Moving Cost Depends on Conditions of Your Move

Movers may add extra costs due to these conditions because they affect the time it takes to complete your move or movers may need extra resources such as additional movers, or a smaller truck.

Don’t get caught in this type of situation – talk to your moving company, ask about potential extra charges, and do your best to avoid them.

For instance, you can obtain a parking permit for the moving truck to avoid delays, reserve your elevator on moving day, and inform your movers about needing piano moving services as this could be an extra cost.


Check and Understand your Moving Paperwork

Aside from your moving quote, the Bill of Lading is a very important document from your moving company. It is provided to you on moving day and outlines all the details of your move.

You need to sign the document to agree to its terms and conditions – the fees, the total cost, pick-up and delivery date, and insurance provisions.  Before you sign, you must talk to the mover about discrepancies or questions you have.

You will also receive an inventory sheet listing all items the movers are handling.  It is filled-out as movers empty the contents of your home and puts a tag on each item.

Upon arrival of your goods at your new home, you must sign the inventory sheet to certify that all items have been received. Before you sign, do a cursory check for any missing or damaged items.  In case you need to file claim, you only have 9 months from the arrival of your goods to notify your moving company in writing.


Moving Deposit Tips – Are Deposits Required?

Moving deposits are not always required but some moving companies may ask for a deposit to confirm a moving date.

This is practiced more frequently during peak season in areas where many households move such as during the summer.

In areas such as Montreal where majority of moves take place on July 1, moving companies may ask for a deposit to ensure they will not be losing out on other opportunities should you decide to cancel.

If a moving company asks for a deposit, you must ensure that the mover is a legitimate business and is reliable. The deposit amount should not be substantial, anywhere from $100 to $500, depending on whether it is local or long distance.

Free Moving Estimates to Ajax – Compare Costs to Find Best Movers

There are various moving companies serving Ajax and nearby communities.

It is much to tedious to look for companies to call and talk to them one by one about your move.

Isn’t it simpler to get moving quotes using one form to connect with 5 movers at the same time?

Yes, only 2 minutes to fill-out our form and you can receive multiple moving estimates from professional movers to Ajax.

What’s more, you don’t pay anything for these quotes and there’s no obligation on your part, in case you are not satisfied in any way.

We can’t tell you which mover to hire or which company is better. That’s all up to you. However, we do want to provide you with the best choices so you are empowered to make the right decision.

Request for 5 free moving quotes today to start planning your easy relocation to Ajax.

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