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Experience the Best Move to Gatineau – Moving Tips, Moving Quotes, and Top Moving Companies

13 October 2015,

Gatineau, officially called Ville de Gatineau, is the third largest city in Western Quebec. Along with Ottawa, it makes up Canada’s National Capital Region (NCR).

"Hull sunset" by No machine-readable author provided. Adam the atom assumed (based on copyright claims). - No machine-readable source provided. Own work assumed (based on copyright claims).. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

“Hull sunset” by No machine-readable author provided. Adam the atom assumed (based on copyright claims). – No machine-readable source provided. Own work assumed (based on copyright claims).. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

Moving to this exciting city must be filling you with great anticipation and at the same time, worry. With so many things to plan for and organize, you need all the help you can get.

If you are planning a move to Gatineau soon, you will definitely love what has for you. From moving tips, moving quotes, to the best moving companies in your area, you can plan with ease since we have done all the legwork for you, at no cost.

Here is what we compiled for your convenience:

  • How to Start Planning your Move
  • Choosing your type of moving service
  • Top Moving Companies in Gatineau-Ottawa region with customer reviews
  • How to Protect yourself during the move
  • Moving Timeline / Checklist
  • Top Questions to ask your Mover
Getting Started- How to Plan Your Move

Moving is a monumental task. When you are moving your whole family, you need to consider the needs of each and every one in your family, including pets.

The first thing to decide on is the date of your move. Once you have figured that out, you need to assess how many belongings you will be bringing with you. It would be good to sit down and make an inventory of everybody’s stuff as this will tell you what size of truck you need and how many movers you need to hire.

When you have a good idea of your moving date and how much you need to pack and move, it is time to decide on what kind of moving service you need.

Choosing the type of moving service you need

There are actually many types of moving services that are tailored to customers’ individual needs. Depending on the size of your move and your budget, you can choose which one suit you best. Moving companies offer:

  1. Moving supplies
  2. Movers only
  3. Moving truck only
  4. Moving truck plus movers
  5. Packing services
  6. Truck and Storage
  7. Complete moving services (packing, loading and unloading, moving supplies, truck plus movers)

How much of the work can you do by yourself?

Individuals who need to move only a few pieces of furniture and personal belongings may opt to get a moving truck only to save on cost. However, families with a lot of belongings like valuable/ heavy furniture, paintings, china, appliances, etc., may need the whole package.

Choosing the right package that suits your needs will take a lot of the stress out of moving. You can ensure a speedy and efficient move by customizing your moving service while getting the best price possible.
Don’t take on too much just to save money or you could find yourself unprepared for the move. You can choose a package such as movers only and truck if you can do the packing yourself.

Below is a list of professional movers from the Gatineau area compiled by for your easy reference.

Choose from Gatineau’s Top Moving Companies

U-Pack Moving

Established in 1997, this moving company specializes in long distance moves and offers the combined benefits of full service moving with savings of a rental truck.

They can deliver a moving trailer or container to your home and give you up to 3 days to fill it with your belongings. When ready, they can drive the truck to your new address. You do all the loading and unloading but they don’t charge hidden fees as fuel, driver, and toll are included in their price.

This is a great company to consider for moves to the United States from the Ottawa-Gatineau area or vice-versa. You can also request for portable storage options, moving supplies, guaranteed transit, and most anything that suits your budget.

Another good thing about this moving company is that they allow you to track your shipment during transit from their website or by phoning their destination service center, keeping you posted at all times.

U-Pack Moving

U-Pack Moving – Location

Déménagement Bye Bye Moving

Bye Bye moving is one of the experienced movers in the areas of Outaouais, Gatineau, Ottawa and Montreal.

Whether you are making a large or a small move in these areas, the company offers competitive rates with expert moving services for commercial, residential, local or long distance moves.

This moving company is accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2010 and has an A+ rating.

Byebye Moving - Location

Byebye Moving – Location

Petits Demenagements S P

This company is also known as S.P. Moving. The owner, Sylvain Parisien, began the business with only 1 truck in 1999 that has grown since then into a thriving business, doing some 3,000 moves per year at competitive prices . For this company, no move is too small.

The company offers different packages to suit your needs and budget with a wide range of vehicles, equipment, movers, and insurance.

They also offer fixed and hourly rates which apply to trucks from 6 meters or less. The rate already includes 2 movers and equipment such as :

  • 60 to 70 protective covers
  • foam rubber mats
  • 3 wardrobes boxes
  • 2 Four wheels carts
  • Tape and plastic wrap
  • Toolkit
  • Belts
  • 2 basic insurance.

This company may be able to offer you a competitive quote for your individual moving needs.

Petits Demenagements SP – Location

Petits Demenagements SP – Location

Petits Demenagement SP - Review

Westmount Moving

This moving company has been taking care of local and long distance moves in Ottawa-Gatineau since 1938. They also offer moving services to and from the USA and international moves. This company is accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2013 and has a rating of A+, the Canadian Association of Movers, and International Association of Movers. It is also an agent for Allied Van Lines, the largest van line in Canada.

Westmount Moving - Location

Westmount Moving – Location

Westmount Moving – Customer review

Westmount Moving – Customer review

Campbell Moving Systems

This Gatineau moving company has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2001 with a rating of A+. The company offers full service moving and do- it- yourself moving, allowing you the freedom to customize your move based on your needs and budget. For those who want to save on moving costs, this company offers a portable storage system that comes to your doorstep. You can then fill it with your boxes, lock the container and call for pick-up and transport to your new location when you are ready.

Another thing that makes this company unique is that they rent out moving equipment such as moving blankets and straps for those who don’t need a full service moving package.

Campbell Moving System – Location

Campbell Moving System – Location

Campbell Moving System – Review

Campbell Moving System – Review

Flat Price Movers & Storage

Flat Price Movers & Storage is a moving company accredited with the Better Business Bureau that offers fast and dependable relocating services in Ottawa and neighboring areas such as Gatineau. They know that some individuals who wish to move to another city want to save on costs, especially if they don’t have a lot of belongings to move. For this reason, they offer consolidated moving services. This means you can share a truck with another family that has the same moving date as you. This will reduce your moving costs tremendously.

Their hourly rates start at $35/hour but may change depending on the number of movers and size of truck required. They recommend middle of the month and the weekdays, and fall and winter moves, as you can get lower, off season rates.

Another great convenience offered by Flat Price movers is their quick online quote which you can obtain in minutes. Some companies take days to answer queries but with Flat Price, you get an instant quote based on what furniture and items you own.

Flat Price Movers – Location

Flat Price Movers – Location

This company also obtained a 10/10 rating from Homestars based on customer reviews and rated high on their recommendation meter.

Flat Price Movers - Homestars Rating

Flat Price Movers – Homestars Rating

Flat Price Movers – Customer review

Flat Price Movers – Customer review

Below is a sample of their online moving quote:

Flat Price Moving - Sample Quote1

Flat Price Movers – Sample Moving Quote

Flat Price Movers – Sample Moving Quote

Since this quote comes with packing of big items, loading and unloading, transport, gas and insurance, it is reasonably low. If you have even less items to move, you might consider using consolidated moving for even more savings.

Boyd Moving & Storage

This company has been operating in the National Capital Region beginning 1947 and is a member of United Van Lines. It specializes in:

  • Local and International Moving needs
  • Residential & Commercial Moving and storage
  • Vehicle Storage with Climate Control
  • Packing & Custom Crating services
  • Moving Supplies
  • Equipment Sales or Rental

This company has made it to the honor roll of the Better Business Bureau with a rating of A+.

Boyd Moving & Storage - Location

Boyd Moving & Storage – Location

Boyd Moving & Storage – Customer Review

Boyd Moving & Storage – Customer Review

You can find more top-rated moving companies to choose from for your move from a comprehensive guide about Ottawa movers at

How to protect yourself during your Move

You can take as much time with planning your move and still, things could go wrong. Many people have had unsatisfactory, even nightmarish moving experiences, by dealing with disreputable companies or forgetting to do an important thing.

Here are some ways you can protect yourself during the move with the following steps.

  1. Check with the Better Business Bureau regarding the status of your potential mover. Make sure to work with an accredited mover with a satisfactory rating.
  2. Request for on-site inspection from your moving company and obtain a written and binding quote.
  3. Estimates should include a thorough inspection and discussion of all the rooms in your residence to avoid a situation when the mover will add charges saying some items were not included in the quote.
  4. Check if the company is bonded and insured before you sign a contract.
  5. Make sure you have moving insurance for replacement value protection and not depreciated value.
  6. Take pictures especially of your valuable possessions prior to packing.
  7. Make sure to read the fine print in the contract, especially about damages to your belongings. Some movers do not cover damage for items they did not pack.
  8. Read customer reviews about your moving company to check for negative feedback.

Avoid Moving Hassles – Get the Best Quotes

The Better Business Bureau receives thousands of complaints from consumers each year. It is recommended that you get several quotes from for moving companies that belong to the BBB and Canadian Association of Movers.

You can get more information about moving tips from an article about Ottawa movers at

Moving Checklist – Suggested Timeline for Moving

It is never too soon to start making plans for your move. The earlier you start, the less stressful and smoother your move becomes. Below is a checklist and timeline that you can use. You can delegate some of the tasks to other family members and involve your entire family in your relocation.

2 Months Prior to Your Move

  1. Get your free 5 moving quotes from .
  2. Study the quotes and begin interviewing your potential movers
  3. Contact your chosen moving company to set moving date and arrangements
  4. Start packing the things you don’t use much from your attic, basement, shed
  5. Get information about your new city from reputable links such as tourism bureaus,

6 Weeks Prior to your Move

  1. If you are being relocated by your company, check what expenses are paid for by your company and what are out of pocket expenses.
  2. Inquire from your accountant about tax deductible moving expenses
  3. Make an inventory of your belongings and begin discarding things you no longer need to save on moving costs.
  4. Determine if you will need storage for your belongings.
  5. Notify all concerned about your impending relocation such as professional contacts, subscriptions, creditors, friends, etc.
  6. Request for important records from schools, dentists, doctors, accountant, etc.

Four Weeks Prior to your Move

  1. Inform the post office and other pertinent government agencies regarding change of address
  2. Arrange transport of your pets and inquire about government requirements regarding transport of animals
  3. Contact utility companies in your old address such as cable, electricity, water, gas, telephone, etc.
  4. Arrange for utility coverage in your new address
  5. If you are doing your own packing, request for moving supplies from your moving company and begin packing items you are less likely to need in the next weeks.
  6. Donate unneeded items to charity or have a garage sale.

Three Weeks Prior to Your Move

  1. Depending on your selected moving services, you may begin filling your container with your boxes.
  2. Put together all important documents such as deeds, stocks, insurance, bank records, contracts, etc. but do not include in your boxes. You should carry this with you during the move.
  3. Arrange to close out your bank accounts and open new accounts with banks in your new city.

Two Weeks Prior to Your Move

  1. Call your moving company to confirm all aspects of your move.

One Week Prior to Your Move

  1. Pay all your outstanding bills with local creditors.
  2. Take your pets to the local vet and obtain immunization records.
  3. Prepare equipment such as lawn movers and snow blowers, making sure to remove gas.
  4. Ensure all your belongings have been properly packed and labeled.
  5. Defrost your freezer/refrigerator.
  6. Disconnect your appliances.

On Moving Day

  1. Make sure someone is at hand to answer movers’ questions.
  2. Enjoy the move.

By following this timeline, you will feel less overwhelmed with the myriad things you need to attend to. As you tick off the items you have accomplished, you will feel more assured that you are getting well organized for the big day.


Top Questions to ask your mover before signing a contract

Now that you have a comprehensive list of potential movers you can choose from, you need to make a short list. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all movers are the same – they charge different rates and may have different policies regarding insurance, supplies, other charges for gasoline and travel time, etc. It is important to conduct an interview and ask the right questions before signing a contract.

1. How long have you been in the business of moving?

This is an important question to ask – the longer the experience, the more assurance you can have that they know what they are doing. While there may be nothing wrong with hiring a relatively new company, it is always safer to go with the more experienced ones.

2. Are you bonded and insured?

Most moving companies are insured and bonded but it never hurts to ask. Make sure you are given insurance for full replacement value in case your belongings get damaged. Find out their claims process and what deductibles there are.

3. Is this a binding quote?

You can avoid a lot of aggravation and unexpected expenses by ensuring that you get a binding quote. Many people have had horrifying experiences about moving expenses that have doubled or tripled when their moving company charged more than their initial quote due to “add-ons”.

4. Are you accredited with the Better Business Bureau and other professional movers associations?

Moving companies are not required to get accreditation with the Better Business Bureau but those that are allow their customers to check their reputation and integrity. The BBB rates companies based on several factors including length of operation and complaints filed by consumers.

5. Are your customers satisfied and happy with your service?

You should check for any negative customer reviews. A negative review is not always an indication that a company is undesirable since you just can’t please everyone. However, a great company is able to resolve customer complaints proactively and should not have too many unsatisfied customers.

By following the tips contained in this moving guide and getting the best moving quotes from, you can look forward to a pleasant moving experience to your new city. Happy moving!

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