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2021 Best Local Movers and Moving Services in Montreal & Quebec

Moving is common in Quebec Province especially on or before July 1st, considered as Moving Day in this part of the world.  

Even with restrictions due to Covid-19 in place, people still need to move when their lease is up or when they have found better housing elsewhere.

Now don’t you worry because moving services are considered as essential services, allowing moving companies to continue to provide moving trucks and movers.

Of course, these moving companies comply with health measures including strict sanitation and social distancing.

Any person moving to settle in a principal residence is allowed under Quebec guidelines to do so as long as he does not display any symptoms. Movers are also allowed to undertake a relocation as long as none of the movers display any symptoms.

Further, parts of Quebec have different alert levels in place so make sure to consult the latest information on health measures in your region.

If you have to move within Montreal or Quebec or anywhere in Canada soon, ensure a safe move with a professional moving company from our network!

These moving experts will advise you about travel and other restrictions for a hassle-free move.

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What is the average moving cost in Montreal?


A local move (not more than 50 km) is charged an hourly rate which varies based on the region you are in, how many movers you require, and the size of the moving truck needed to complete your move efficiently.

Some movers may charge additional fees if you have special equipment you need to move such as a piano, a pool table, a spa, and if you have other services needed.

Based on quotes provided by our moving partners, the average price of a local move within Montreal falls between $650 to $2,000. Why do the prices vary so much? The actual price of a local move will really depend on how much cargo you are moving, the distance of travel, and the complexity of your move. A 1-bedroom apartment will cost less to move than a 3-bedroom home for the same distance.

How much is the average hourly rate for a moving truck?

Moving truck (20 feet) + driver

$60-$75 per hour

Moving truck (20 feet) + driver + 2 movers

$100-$135 per hour


Additional mover


Moving truck + driver + 2 movers
(July 1st)

$175-$190 per hour

* Please note that rates vary also based on the size of the truck. Rates significantly increase on or around July 1st.

Most moving companies also have a minimum number of hours per job (2 or 3 hours).

You can obtain a custom quote tailored to your moving situation by filling out the form on this page and connect with our moving partners.

Keep in mind that moving companies have different rates for their moving services. Thus, it is very important to compare multiple quotes for moving services to get the best possible price and quality of service.

Planning for Moving Day: Steps you need to do


More than ever, relocating to a new home requires much preparation. If you don’t make plans ahead of time, you may remember your moving experience for a long time and not in a good way.

Here are some tips for the big day that can help make it a smooth transition for you.  Best of all, following these steps can help you save a lot of time and money.

Tip #1: Try as much as possible to avoid moving from June 15 to July 15, especially around July 1, as the rate for moving services is much higher then. You might also find it difficult to book a moving company unless you have done so several months ahead.

Tip# 2: Hire a reputable moving company.

It is important to hire a moving company at least 4 months before your intended move. Reputable moving companies are registered with the Commission des Transports du Québec. This registry will help you to verify the movers you want to hire and avoid fly-by-night operators.

Tip# 3: Check your moving insurance.

You need to make sure that your move is properly insured. Good moving companies have insurance to cover loss or damage to your cargo.  However, their coverage is limited per kilo of your goods and won’t be able to reimburse you for the full amount of any loss. In some cases, you may need to get additional moving insurance unless you are covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy.  It is a good idea to check with your home insurance company, too.

Tip#4: Move only what you really need.

It is very easy to accumulate a lot of goods over time, most of which we don’t need or use anymore. Old clothes, furniture, devices, toys, books, memorabilia, etc. will probably be sitting in your attic or basement.

Keep in mind that your moving bill is based on the weight of your cargo. It is a good idea to dispose of things you don’t want anymore by donating them, disposing of them, or putting them in storage.

Tip #5: Do your own packing.

Packing up your own stuff can help you save money. Local moves are charged on an hourly basis. Hence, if you ask movers to pack your belongings, you will be paying the time it takes them to do it.

Unless you don’t mind the expense, you can save money by boxing up your belongings before moving day. Label them, preferably by tagging which room they will go after unpacking, to help you sort them easily after the move.

Tip#5: Change your address.

It is necessary to inform Canada Post of your change in address. You can also visit the change of address website in Quebec to inform government offices in just one step.

Don’t forget to inform your bank, employer, subscriptions and utilities, and change the address in your vehicle registration and driver’s license.

You should do this at least 4 weeks before your moving day.

Top Movers in Montreal & Quebec for moving services


Moving companies continue to operate in Montreal and Quebec to assist people and businesses who need to relocate.

An initial search online will show you many moving companies to choose from. You can’t settle for the first one you see because they are not all equal.

Movers charge different rates for their services and also provide different levels of customer service. In fact, you must be careful in selecting your mover who will be tasked to handle your worldly goods. Don’t base your decision solely on the lowest rate because cheap is not always better.

Below are some of the top movers in Quebec you can consider for your relocation needs.

Bust a Move

Based in Montreal, this moving company offers residential and commercial moving services. They have honest, friendly, and reliable moving staff and high-quality equipment to make your move as smooth as possible.

With many years in the business, this moving company has proven itself as a trusted mover for Quebec residents.

They have also garnered high review scores on various review sites.

Flex Demenagement

Located in LaSalle, Quebec, this moving company offers local and long-distance moves. They have received good customer reviews for their services. They cover moves to Ottawa, Toronto, and other cities outside Quebec.

Panneton and Panneton Moving and Storage

This Montreal moving company has been around for more than 60 years. They offer residential and business moving services for local or long-distance moves.

Their efficient and professional movers are pleasant to work with and can help with packing, assembly and disassembly of your appliances, and also offer short or long-term storage.

They regularly offer promotions for their services that can reduce the cost of your moving services.

MTL Movers

This Montreal moving company accepts small and big moves. They have transparent rates, friendly and reliable moving crews, and a wide range of moving services.

As a fully licensed and insured moving company, you are assured that your goods will be in good hands.

Demenagement R.K. Transport

This moving company is located in Saint-Lin-Laurentides but they specialize in moves around Laval, Montreal, Terrebonne, North Shore, Lanaudiere, etc.

As a local moving company, they have established a reputation for efficient and fast services with a guarantee that your goods will arrive safely and on time.

Demenagement DG

This moving company is reliable for residential or commercial moving services. They offer reasonable rates for packing and moving locally or long-distance.  With hundreds of moves completed in and around Quebec and Montreal, this company has proven its worth as a moving service.

They are available 7 days a week for your convenience.

 Déménagement À Prix Modique Inc.

This moving company ensures a stress-free moving experience with professional workers who are experts at moving.

They also provide free wrapping paper, mattress bags, and wardrobe boxes for your convenience.

This company offers local moves in Quebec and long-distance moves to Ontario, and New Brunswick.

Demenagement La Capitale Quebec

The #1 priority of this moving company is to complete your move as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

They hold several permits from the Ontario Transportation Commission, the Quebec Transport Commission, and New Brunswick Transportation Commission, allowing them to conduct moves anywhere in these provinces.

Aside from moving services, they also offer 500 storage spaces in their Montreal office and wooden cubes at their Quebec office.

This moving company also promotes green moving and is a member of the Ecofleet of Natural Resources Canada.

Demenagement Total

This moving company guarantees competitive rates for moving in Montreal and anywhere in Quebec or Canada.  They employ efficient and fast movers for residential or commercial moving. Your moving cost will be transparent at the time of signing of your contract so there won’t be any rude surprises.

Aside from moving services in Montreal, this company also offer moves to Ottawa and Toronto.

These are but some of the moving companies operating in and around Quebec. You can easily get free and no-obligation quotes to compare prices for your move by using our short online form.

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Frequently asked questions about local moving in Quebec


Below are some frequently asked questions you can use to help you plan a safe and stress-free move anywhere in Quebec.

Will someone come to my home to estimate the price of my moving service?

We know you want to avoid people coming into your home and increasing your risk of transmission for COVID-19. Our moving partners comply with the regulations of the Government of Quebec for safety protocols. Physical visits for assessing your moving service are not required as movers can estimate your requirements using photos and videos through email or online applications.

Our platform promotes contactless and virtual processes for finding a moving service.

Can friends or relatives help during my move?

You can still ask a friend or relative to help during your move but as provided by provincial health measures, the number of people who can assist you is strictly limited.  You must also make sure that none of them show symptoms of the virus and practice social distancing, wearing of face masks, and frequent hand-washing.

Is a deposit required by moving companies?

Yes, most moving companies require a small deposit for your move which can be charged to your credit card account. Please note that reputable companies will never ask for a full payment before the move or a large deposit. You should also avoid companies who insist on cash only transactions.

What sanitary measures do movers perform as a health and safety precaution?

Good moving companies disinfect all of their equipment and trucks after every move.  Because the Corona virus can survive on dry surfaces for 3 hours and days on moist surfaces, this safety measure is very important. Moving crew also wear face masks and protective gloves and practice social distancing. Customer contact is limited to email or telephone before the moving day.

Can I use old boxes and mattress bags during the move?

It is not advisable to use old boxes and mattress bags, especially if you obtained them outside your house.

It is recommended to use new boxes and mattress bags from your movers to protect yourself from getting COVID-19.

Are there any restrictions for moving in Quebec?

Moving is considered an essential activity and Quebec residents are generally allowed to proceed with a move provided that:

  • They don’t show symptoms of Covid-19;
  • They have practiced self-quarantine for 14 days if coming back from a trip abroad;
  • Only a limited number of people can gather together for the move (restrict number of movers and friends or family present)
  • The moving company must check on the health status of their moving team

Is moving allowed in a red zone?

Moving is discouraged in a red zone but it is not prohibited. If you cannot avoid moving your primary residence, make sure to hire movers who have been checked for symptoms and knowledgeable about safety precautions. Limit the number of people, including family members and friends who are present.

What do I do if I can’t hire a moving company for my move?

if you can’t hire a moving company for whatever reason, make sure to comply with guidelines and restrictions from the Quebec government regarding social distancing and protective gear. Check your locality for specific rules for moving, especially if you are located in a red zone.

If you are hiring a self-drive truck for moving, make sure it has been disinfected before your move. Do not use old boxes obtained outside your residence and dispose of used mattress bags and other coverings after your move.

Reasons to use 5moversquotes to book your move


There are many reasons to use our platform to book your move anywhere in Quebec.

  1. Free and no-obligation service

5moversquotes is a free platform that bring together reputable moving companies in Quebec and other cities in Canada. You can easily find and book a reputable moving company from the comfort of your home, 24/7.

  1. Multiple quotes to compare for savings.

Our moving partners are happy to provide you with moving quotes tailored to your move so that you can find the most competitive offer for your needs. This saves you time and money.

  1. Safety and security.

Our moving partners are all licensed and insured businesses for your security and peace of mind. We carefully check every moving company in our network to ensure that users receive high-quality bids from reputable movers.

  1. Confidentiality

We guarantee that none of your information is passed on to third-parties other than the moving companies bidding for your project. 

  1. 100% Online and contactless process

Our process is 100% online for your safety and convenience. Moving quotes are provided to you by email and verification from movers are through phone or email only.

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