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The 12 Best Advantages from Moving Without Professional Movers

Moving without a moving company
19 January 2016,

Moving without a moving companyIf you are moving any time soon, this is the perfect time to think about not hiring professional movers.  Moving can be very expensive. It has surely crossed your mind that you can probably save money by doing all the work yourself or asking a couple of friends to help you out. Professional moving companies cost money so you may be wondering if it is a good idea to not hire movers at all. What would you get out of not hiring a moving company?

These 12 best advantages from moving without professional movers would certainly help you make up your mind.

Enjoy the Benefits of Moving without Hiring a Moving Company

Moving companies are not for everyone.  There have been many people who have completed a move all on their own without ever getting professional help.  What happens when you move without a moving company? Here are some benefits you can obtain from not signing up with moving professionals.

  1. You can enjoy doing all the work and worrying about every little thing.

Moving companies are so annoyingly professional. The moment you contact them for help, they will do everything possible to make it as stress free as possible for you.  They will offer to do all the packing for your move, the loading, and take care of even packing supplies you need to ensure your belongings are carefully boxed and kept safe from damage. There won’t be anything left for you to do. Surely, you wouldn’t miss out on all the fun of doing so much work.

Since you enjoy stress and challenge, and you aren’t afraid of any heavy physical labor, you surely won’t want to hire movers to do the work for you.

  1. You can avoid knowing exactly how much the move will cost you.

When you are planning a move, the cost is a major concern that is enough to stress people out.  By contacting professional movers, they will bombard with you moving quotations that give you an accurate idea of how much you will be spending. Who would want to know? You are an adventurous spirit so you would rather just buy one thing at a time and not worry about the total cost.  Surely, the move will be completed in time and damn the cost.

  1. You can take your time with the move and not follow a timetable.

You are in no rush to move and have all the time in the world. Why would you let professional movers give you a timetable to follow?  It is more fun to just work on your packing when the mood takes you. After all, it is just a new job waiting for you so it can wait a few more days.  In the meantime, you can prolong the move and enjoy the remaining time in your old address.

Professional movers work too hard on being efficient and want things done in a matter of hours. Since you prefer to take your sweet time, you don’t need to hire a moving company.

  1. You can forget about quality packing – It is highly overrated.

Professional movers pride themselves on efficiently packing up your belongings to make sure nothing is damaged during transit.  The truth is that damage seldom happens and since you are a very lucky individual, chances are, no untoward incidents will happen.  You can simply put everything in boxes and with a bit of luck, nothing will get broken.

  1. You get an excuse to shop for new stuff if they get broken or damaged.

You are always on the lookout for excuses to shop for new stuff. If a few things get damaged or broken during the move, no problem, right? Professional movers will use all kinds of strategies in packing your belongings and delivering them.  They are just too resourceful and careful for your liking when you would rather just play it by ear and see what happens. You are by now feeling really excited about maybe shopping for new furniture and china to replace what would probably get broken during your move.

  1. You will get a lot of physical exercise from the move.

Here’s the perfect chance to get some physical exercise. You will surely be puffing and groaning from carrying heavy furniture up and down stairs or loading them to the truck.  What a great way to get fit and healthy! When you hire a moving company, they are sure to send over a team of strong men to do all this heavy lifting for you. Who needs that when you have been desperately waiting for a chance to do exhausting, back-breaking work?

  1. You can leave all your garbage behind and not worry about your mess.

After boxing everything up, there will surely be a lot of stuff to be disposed of. A moving company takes care of this but you are too smart to bother with that. You can just leave that all behind for the next people moving into your old address to take care of.

  1. You can forget about moving insurance.

You have always believed that any type of insurance is a pain you can do without.  When you hire a moving company, they will definitely offer a good insurance cover as part of the moving deal in case something gets damaged during transit. That would be enough to make you grind your teeth in annoyance.  You get a headache from reading about insurance cover and don’t want to deal with that. If your valuable collection of glassware gets broken or your entertainment system gets damaged, it is a risk you are willing to take. By not hiring a professional moving company, you never have to deal with insurance matters.

  1. You get to exercise great problem solving skills.

If your apartment has a flight of stairs or a cramped elevator, you will need to figure out how to get your heavy furniture and boxes up down on your own. Now here is the best time to exercise your problem solving skills. You know you can rise to the occasion and be able to handle this tricky situation so you can pat yourself on the back and feel really good afterwards. If you don’t have the tools to disassemble and assemble your furniture, you can just take them apart with a saw. Professional movers carry all the necessary tools and equipment to do this and know exactly how to make boxes fit even in small spaces to save on time. They are really just too helpful for your taste.

  1. You can call in all the favors your friends owe you.

local-movingYou will surely need a bit of help from friends for the move.  If your car isn’t big enough for all your belongings, you can ask a friend to help you out. In fact, you can call everyone who has ever owed you for a favor to help. They shouldn’t mind making two or three trips since you are just moving an hour’s drive away. After all, they owe you.

Professional moving companies will make sure to provide you with a truck that is big enough to take your belongings in a single trip to save on time and money. But what the heck, you would rather call in all the chips and get your friends to share your pain.

  1. You can tell everyone you just moved in even after 6 months of your arrival.

So what if your new house looks like you moved into it just yesterday even when you have been in residence for 6 months?  You can tell everyone you just moved in and enjoy retelling stories about how you successfully managed to move without hiring a moving company.  They will surely believe you when they see all your boxes still untouched months after your arrival.  You did all the work during the move and that is what counts. If you hire a moving company, they will surely label all your boxes and take them where they belong to make it easy for you to organize your things when you arrive.  That would be just too efficient for you.  Think of how you would miss out on the limelight if you can’t let people see how you did everything yourself when you moved?

  1. You can take days off from work to do the move.

Since you will be doing all the work, you have a great excuse to take a few days off from work. After all, you won’t be feeling guilty since you will be working hard preparing for your move.  Your boss will most likely scratch his head wondering if you’ve gone crazy when you could so easily hire a moving company to do the job.  Also, you will most likely not get paid but that’s okay since you will be having a lot of fun with packing your things and delivering them in several return trips.  The income you lose will probably be more than what you would have paid a moving company but at least, you had an excuse to miss work.

Reading about these benefits have surely helped you make up your mind on whether to go ahead and do the moving on your own or to toss that idea out and go for hiring a moving company.  It all boils down to one thing – how much you enjoy being stressed out. Professional movers have one common goal, that is, to help you move to your new location as quickly and as conveniently as possible.

If you have come to your senses and decided you just might need the services of a reputable moving company after all, click request a quote to get access to the most affordable and experienced moving companies in your area.

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Money-Saving Tips before Hiring Professional Movers

If you are still worried about your moving cost, there are sure and easy ways you can reduce your moving expenses.

  1. Make sure to request for 5 free quotes with the quotation form on this page. You will get the most affordable yet efficient moving services based on your needs.  With these quotes also come the chance to interview potential movers about questions you may have and receive suggestions about how to economize your move. Most importantly, you can compare different quotes from different moving companies to find the most economical and suitable moving company for you.
  2. Dispose of things in storage that you don’t need anymore. Since most moving companies charge fees based on distance and weight, you can reduce your moving expenses by donating stuff to charity or selling off belongings you no longer need.
  1. Customize your move. Many moving companies offer economical moving packages tailored to the size of your move.  You can save money by obtaining suitable moving packages that could come with freebies like moving supplies, provision of moving tools and equipment for your use, or the choice to choose only particular moving services you need rather than a complete moving package.
  1. Plan the date and time of your move. Most moving companies charge higher fees when you move in the summer and on the weekends and holidays. If you can be flexible with the date and time of your move, such as moving outside of peak traffic hours, you could really reduce your moving costs. Make sure to speak with professional moving companies to compare rates and fees.
  1. Request potential movers for an in-home assessment. One way to reduce moving costs is to get accurate and binding moving quotes based on a physical inspection of your home.  Doing this gives your movers the opportunity to assess the actual size of your move and to make recommendations to get the job done as cost effectively as possible.  You will be able to choose the right moving company when you know exactly how much you need to pay.
  1. Avoid extra moving charges by preparing well for your move. Many moving companies offer fixed hourly fees for local and long distance moves. You can avoid paying extra charges by taking care of the following things:
  2. Reserve a parking space in front of your home to speed things up. Delays caused by the truck parked too far away can make a big difference to your moving bill.
  3. Reserve the use of the elevator in your building for the time your movers will arrive.
  4. If you are doing your own packing, make sure to label your boxes properly indicating which area of the home they need to go.
  5. Use up all of your provisions such as groceries, particularly items you are not allowed to bring on the truck such as hazardous materials and fuel reserves.

Hiring professional movers really takes the stress out of moving and ensures that your belongings get to your new address safely.  While it means a bit of investment on your part, it really pays off in the long run in terms of convenience, safety, speed, and efficiency.

You can successfully move to your new home without breaking the bank if you choose a reputable and affordable moving company from any one of our partners and follow proven money saving tips before and during your move.

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