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Get 5 FREE Moving Quotes!
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Move to Billings with Most Affordable Movers – Save with Free Moving Quotes


Beautiful Mystic Lake Dam – southwest of Billings, Montana

Beautiful Mystic Lake Dam – southwest of Billings, Montana


Many people want to move to Montana and there are plenty of reasons to do so.  There’s the appeal of its beautiful environment and access to outdoor activities.

Billings has an estimated population of 150,069.  Nicknamed the “Magic City”, it has a booming economy that is still growing.  In fact, it was recently named “Best Small City to Start a Business” and has experienced over 57% in growth in recent years.

If you are moving to Billings to jumpstart a career, to raise a family, or to retire, you will be happy with what we have prepared for you.

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We also know you are anxious to know as much as you can about living and working in Billings.  Thus, we also came up with this short introduction to the city’s cost of living, employment, neighborhoods, and entertainment options.

But that’s not all. We have also included a quick review of 12 moving companies serving Billings and its nearby areas so you can check for moving services that can reduce your moving stress.

When you are ready to plan your moving day, compare your 5 free moving quotes to hire the best moving company.



Aerial view of Billings, Montana, rapidly growing city in the region

Aerial view of Billings, Montana, rapidly growing city in the region


Aside from being the largest city in Montana, Billings is also the only city to have over 100,000 in population.  It is the county seat of Yellowstone County and is located close to the border of Wyoming State.

The city’s growth is not just limited to one specific area but is largely concentrated on the metro area.  It has remained unaffected by the country’s economic recession.  In fact, you will find the most number of hotels in the city than any other area in the entire 5-state region.

The city also ranks number 6 for Business Tax Climate Index by the Tax Foundation.  Also, the tax burden in Montana of 8.62% is 3rd lowest among 50 states and well below the national average.  For this reason, the city of Billings greatly appeals to entrepreneurs looking for a good location to move their business.

You may be looking for a change in scenery or wanting to take advantage of the business and employment opportunities in Billings. Whatever the reason for your move, you will find Billings to be a great place to live.  Ranked 3rd in the US as “Best Place to Raise a Family”, you are sure to enjoy your new home.

Billings has a semi-arid climate with cold and dry winters and hot summers. Be prepared for some extremely hot days although for the Midwest, the weather can also be quite mild.   In the winter, snow does not stay on the ground long or accumulate in large amounts because of warm winds that blow through.

Partly situated in the Yellowstone Valley, the city has various sections.  Rimrocks has long cliffs that divide the city.  When you arrive in Billings, you will find 6 unique mountain ranges! No wonder Montana is famous for hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, skiing, and mountain biking.



Welcome to Montana – people arrive every year to take advantage of economic opportunities in the region

Welcome to Montana – people arrive every year to take advantage of economic opportunities in the region


In 2009, Billings was named the Best Small City to Start a Business by Fortune Small Business magazine.  The city has a diversified economy – a huge service sector consisting of retail, entertainment, and hospitality.  It has a rapidly growing inpatient and outpatient health industry. The metro area also has 3 oil refineries, financial and banking services, trucking, and various educational institutions.  It is also active in cattle growing, wheat and barley farming, consumer services, milk processing, manufacturing, energy exploration, mining.  All in all, the local economy is robust and laden with economic opportunities.  It is in the center of the biggest coal reserves and oil and natural gas fields in the country.

The city is also home to large corporations. They include Stillwater Mining, First Interstate Bank, Kampgrounds of America, Corporate Air, Exxon/Mobil, GM, Wells Fargo, USBank, Target Corporation, New York Life, and Morgan Stanley.

The real estate market continues to develop at a rapid pace as can be seen by busy construction activities throughout the city. It does have a higher cost of living compared to other cities, including in Montana State.  It is also more expensive in terms of utilities, food, and other daily living expenses.  However, the average household income is a bit higher than the national average at $62,258.

It is also quite affordable to invest in real estate in Billings.  The average home price is $175,875 which is within the national average.  Due to its growing population and booming economy, commercial and residential construction in the city is also on the rise.

Billings has its share of microbreweries than any other place in Montana.  It also has a distillery that produces an assortment of handcrafted spirits.

Montana has no sales tax which makes it appealing for corporate headquarters to operate in the city.

With a bounty of opportunities for employment and business, affordable housing and healthcare, and access to unique outdoor activities, Billings is definitely the place to live, work and play.  Find workforce opportunities in Billings to jumpstart your career.



Billings offers a beautiful environment to live in with a small town atmosphere

Billings offers a beautiful environment to live in with a small town atmosphere


Billings is a growing business and cultural hub for a huge area in Montana and northern Wyoming.  It is also a major gateway between the east and the western regions.  Similar to other mountain towns like Boise and Spokane, the beautiful environment, small town atmosphere, and recreational opportunities attracts seasonal residents, retirees, migrants, and young families.

Below are some of the important sections of Billings.

Downtown is the primary business, financial, health, cultural, and entertainment hub.  It features many high-rise buildings, the tallest of which is First Interstate Center.  Downtown neighborhoods include the historic district, Fairgrounds, North Park, Dehler Park, West Downtown, and the South Side.

In Northeast is the Lake Hills Golf Course.  Neighborhoods include Bench, Lake Hills, and Moon Valley.

North Elevation, an area where Rimrocks rise above the Yellowstone Valley, are neighborhoods like Bil-Airport, Rehberg Ranch, Indian Cliffs, and Zimmerman.

The West End is the fastest growing area and home to Billings West High School and the Rimrock Mall.  Some neighborhoods in this section are Olympic Park, Mid-town, Central Heights, Wilshire Heights and Lillis Heights. It is also the location of Overland Business Park and The Southgate Business Park.

Central and Terry Parks are located in Terry. Neighborhoods include College Streets, Tree Streets, Poet Streets, and Highlands Country Club.

As a newcomer, you will likely hear about neighborhoods referred to by their distance to the Rims. You can be living above the Rims, below the Rims, or near the Rims.  They mean the canyon walls that are today called The Rims.

In addition to the Rims being used as a landmark, you might also hear about the West End, also known as Billing Heights. This is the area where majority of dining and shopping outlets in Billings are located.

If you are looking to buy a home in Billings, you will see many old and new on the northwest side where many families tend to settle.  Whatever type of home you wish for, the Magic City will surely have something special for you.



Rappelling at Cats-eye – one of many outdoor adventures in Billings

Rappelling at Cats-eye – one of many outdoor adventures in Billings


If you love festivals, you will feel right at home here.  Billings has more than 20 different festivities annually which include the Food and Wine Festival in May, Summer Fair, Magic City Blues in August, Strawberry Festival, and Harvest Fest.

People who like outdoor fun and adventure will also love it here.  Practically every outdoor activity imaginable is here – fishing, boating, climbing, hiking, skiing, rodeos, golf, and more.  Yellowstone National Park is just nearby.

For those who love beer, have your fill with more than 10 breweries in the area boasting of tasty craft brew.

Other parks and monuments in the area include the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, Lake Elmo State Park, Pompey’s Pillar National Monument, and Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area.  Add to the list Beartooth Mountains, Red Lodge Mountain Resort, and Skypoint.

The Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area offers a wide array of prairies, forests, mountains, lake and wetlands to explore wildlife and nature.

You can also experience horseback the natural way amidst natural beauty of Montana on the outskirts of Billings.

Custer National Forest and National Grasslands is within 20 counties of Montana, North and South Dakota.  Scattered from the corner of Yellowstone National Park to the corners of North Dakota, elevations vary from sea level to the highest point in Montana at Granite Peak.

Downtown Billings Skate Park provides free admission for skateboarders and scooters.  It has over 14,000 square feet of bowls, ramps, rails and other structures.  It’s crowning glory – a life sized sculpture of a skateboarder.

The Alberta Blair Theater brings excitement through performing arts to people in the Northern Rockies.  It has enhanced the quality of life in Billings with classical and popular music, ballet, comedy, and musical theater.  Many national and international artists and attractions are featured here.

If you crave more than outdoor adventure, you won’t miss out on any of the usual shopping and dining amenities as Billings is a major retail and entertainment hub in the region.

Now that you are planning to move here, it is important to choose a moving company after you have checked on their insurance, license, and BBB ratings.  Most movers charge hourly rates within state boundaries.  For long distance moving services, you can find flat rates computed based on distance and weight.

Check out a list of moving companies in Billings, Montana with customer ratings as your guide for choosing your relocation company.



Eliminate moving stress with budget-friendly moving services

Eliminate moving stress with budget-friendly moving services


It seemed exciting at first but the closer moving day got, the more stressful everything became.  When you see how much you still need to accomplish before the move, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

Whether you are simply moving a few miles out from Billings or coming from an entirely different state, you can reduce much of the stress by working with a professional moving company.

A moving company with experience in relocation in Billings will be able to provide you with useful advice about the timing of your move and how to relocate at an affordable price.

Below is a list of popular and experienced movers and reviews of customers to be your guide in choosing a moving company.



This licensed and insured Billings moving company is highly organized and motivated.  Their focus is on delivering a move that exceeds their customers’ expectations.  From start to finish, they maintain strong work ethics based on trust and accountability.

On moving day, their moving crew will wrap and load your household belongings and transfer to your new location.  They will place everything in designated areas and re-assemble furniture before leaving.

For household moving, their movers will do all the back-breaking work. They provide basic moving labor, antiques or specialty moving, loading and unloading services, residential or commercial moving, local and long distance moving, packing, and piano moving.

Customers are responsible for truck rental and insurance for household moving.


Aarons Back Company - Moving rates

Aarons Back Company – Moving rates


Their moving rates start at $100 per hour for 2 movers or $140 per hour for 3 movers.  For piano moving, their rate starts at $200 with stair fees.


Aarons Back Company – Location

Aarons Back Company – Location


Aarons Back Company – Moving reviews

Aarons Back Company – Moving reviews



This moving and storage company began in 1906 and provides exceptional relocation services to Billings and surrounding areas.

The company offers expert packing services, crating, moving, storage, and warehousing. They handle local moves, long distance moves, residential moves, and in-state deliveries.


Baker Transfer and Storage - Location

Baker Transfer and Storage – Location



This moving company treats every move as unique and ensures they personalize their services for household moving or office moving.

As a United Van Lines agent, they service Montana and Wyoming.

They offer local and national moving services, household moving, commercial moving, storage, packing, and crating.

They also understand that their customers already have a lot on their mind so they ensure that they take care of all the details.


King Transfer and Storage - Location

King Transfer and Storage – Location


King Transfer and Storage - Moving reviews

King Transfer and Storage – Moving reviews



This full service moving company in Billings has been around since 1992.  As a licensed and insured mover, it provides reliable moving services for residential and commercial customers.

Using a no-nonsense approach, they pack and unpack, move to and from storage units, or anywhere in Billings or all of Montana.

The company also accepts clean- up of abandoned property, debris removal and other moving related services.


McKell Brothers Hauling - Location

McKell Brothers Hauling – Location


McKell Brothers Hauling - Moving reviews

McKell Brothers Hauling – Moving reviews



This moving company has been serving Montana, Wyoming and Idaho for many years.  In Montana, it provides moving services in Billings, Bozeman, Pocatello, Belgrade, and more.

They handle home moves, corporate relocation, and business moves in Billings.  You can be sure that your belongings will be properly taken care of and escorted without you ever lifting a finger.

As an Atlas interstate agent, they have the resources to deliver a local or long distance move.

The company has been home movers since 1956 and also specializes in government and military moving.


InterWest Moving and Storage - Location

InterWest Moving and Storage – Location


InterWest Moving and Storage - Moving reviews

InterWest Moving and Storage – Moving reviews



This moving company began as a courier service in 1999 and soon became a premiere moving and delivery company in Billings.  They can move your home or office with care 24/7.  They also offer temporary or short term storage in a secure warehouse.

It has since expanded its fleet of moving trucks and its moving crew to be better than its rivals.  The company owns its trucks and guarantees no transfer points during moves.


RedJet Moving - Location

RedJet Moving – Location


RedJet Moving - Moving review

RedJet Moving – Moving review



This moving company offers moving services specifically for customers in Billings, Montana.  The company charges $80 per hour for 2 movers and lifting straps, boxes, dollies, insurance, fuel, and truck.  As a budget moving company, you are sure to get the best bang for your buck.

They can also provide moving labor only for those who just need help with loading and unloading.  The company offers a rate of $65 per hour for 2 movers and discounts for seniors moving into a senior living facility.

They provide residential and commercial moving, packing services, and moving single items like piano or gun safe.


Triple T Moving - Location

Triple T Moving – Location



This moving company began in 1933 as a delivery service owned and operated by two brothers.  Today, it has offices in Montana, Utah, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon.

It is an agent of United Van Lines and provides residential and commercial moving, local and long distance moving, and storage.  They commit to having an after-hours emergency contact number to give customers peace of mind that someone can be reached at all times.

The company makes it affordable and convenient for you to customize your moving service with extras like move in and move out cleaning service, home electronics disassembly and assembly, and debris pick-up.

The company also offers convenient storage options for transferring your belongings from one place to another.


Mergenthaler Transfer and Storage - Location

Mergenthaler Transfer and Storage – Location


Mergenthaler Transfer and Storage - Moving review

Mergenthaler Transfer and Storage – Moving review



This moving company in Billings and Great Falls provides moving services with dedication that is not easy to find nowadays.  As agents of Mayflower, they have the knowledge and training to get any type of move done the right way.

Their goal is to surpass customers’ expectations.  They are licensed and insured with option for full value replacement available.  Their commitment is to pick up and deliver your belongings at the time they are supposed to.

They specialize in household moves, office moves, and storage. From packing to unpacking at your destination, their movers will ensure your belongings are in good hands every step of the moving process.

It is a member of the American Moving and Storage Association and a certified Pro-Mover.  They are equipped for across town, cross country, or international moving.


Suhr Transport - Location

Suhr Transport – Location



As an Atlas Van Lines agent, this moving company located in Great Falls is committed to relocate you easily and securely.  With complete capabilities for home moving services for local, interstate, and long distance moving, this professional moving company ensures an efficient and stress-free relocation experience.  It also provides corporate relocation services and storage.

It has a wide network of resources and a renowned name in the moving industry throughout the USA and Canada.

As cross country movers, the company has award winning drivers and movers that will handle all aspects of your move from start to finish.


Discover Moving and Storage - Location

Discover Moving and Storage – Location


We hope this listing of moving companies serving Billings and even the whole of Montana will help you understand how movers can help with your relocation.

We know you are worried about keeping your moving costs as economical as possible. In order to get a better picture of moving costs, we invite you to request for 5 free movers’ quotes.

When you fill out our quick online form with details such as your moving date, location, and destination, you are guaranteed to receive low moving estimates from movers near you.

You also get peace of mind that our moving partners are all licensed, insured, and experienced with relocating to Billings from anywhere in the USA.

We wish you an enjoyable move and look forward to helping you plan your relocation to Billings.

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